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Terre des Lacs

Canyoning trips to various sites primarily in the Verdon and Esteron areas.

Our team has been working in these canyons for over 20 years and you can enjoy the benefits and security of our tremendous experience as you discover these wonderful regions. Rappels, zip lines, slipping down slides carved into the rock, jumping into natural pools, swimming in narrow channels, all in exquisite natural surroundings.

Introductory sessions, half-day, full-day, weekend, beginners’ workshops or skills development for more experienced adventurers. 

• Esteron valley and canyon : Clue de Saint Auban, Clue des Mujouls, Clue d’Aiglun, Clue de Riolan.
• Gorges du Loup : Loup River and Besse des Courmes.
• La Roya valley and canyon : Clue de la Maglia, Clue de Barbera
• Gorge du Verdon and surroundings : Main Morte, Haut Jabron


April 1 through October 30

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Terre des Lacs
87 Chemin du Collet du Moulin 
Phone: +33 (0)4 93 60 41 23

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