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Flowers & Perfumes
The Perfumeries (free guided tours in all languages)
The world perfume capital’s activity is essentially centered on international business relations, which means that the thirty or so factories actually serve a global market. Raw materials from all over the world are sent to Grasse for processing.
This is how Grasse successfully managed to make its industry an art, combining luxury, refinement, and quality in the products it creates or processes. This art becomes truly tangible when you visit a perfumery, by creating your own perfume during a workshop, or just by strolling along the narrow streets of the historic downtown.


The flowers (fields and gardens)
Flowers have given Grasse, the Perfume Capital of the World, its aristocratic title. There once was a time when the city was graced with the breathtaking sight and heady perfume of gardens and flower fields filled with jasmine, rose, and tuberose, the three queens of the flower kingdom so essential to the perfume industry.
Today, some twenty growers cultivate such flower fields, and certain gardens are designed to preserve this heritage by composing a rich bouquet of the fragrances of Provence.