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The Extraordinary Flowers Of Grasse

Emblematic flowers

The flower crops grown on the lands of the Grasse region (Pays de Grasse) are an integral part of our heritage. These are the flowers – with inimitable qualities so expertly enhanced by master perfumers – that wrote our history, sculpted our landscapes, and furthered the economic growth of Grasse and the perfume industry.
Our flowers have inspired the greatest perfume designers, including François Coty (La Rose Jacqueminot, impossible to find today), Edmond Roudnitska (Femme by Rochas, Eau Sauvage by Dior), Ernest Beaux (Chanel No. 5), Paul Poiray (Poiray), Jean Kerléo (Sublime by Patou), and many more legends.
Today, we in the Association take pride in the partnerships we have with leading brands and processors. Our crops inspire the most prestigious perfume creations, including Givenchy’s 2007 Very Irresistible, and J’adore l’Or by Dior.

Centifolia Rose
The “rose of one hundred petals.” Emblematic of the Pays de Grasse, this rose is endowed with an exceptional fragrance. The precious bloom is fragile: If not picked on the day it opens, it is unusable. It is thus gathered every day of the month during which it blooms, May, hence its other name, the May Rose.


The variety we grow is Jasmine Grandiflorum, “large-flowered” jasmine. To preserve all its qualities, we pick it only at dawn, from July to October.



Orange blossom
This bloom is found on our renowned bitter or Seville orange trees. It has an original note that is deliciously spicy and bitter. Springtime is when it blooms and is hand-harvested. The fruit and branches of the bitter orange tree are also used in perfumery.



Tuberose – Polianthes Tuberosa
Tuberose blooms in the summertime, rising from the bulbs we plant each spring. The notes are heady and sweet.


Violet – Victoria Odorata
Only the leaf of the violet is used in perfumery. We harvest it twice a year, in May and August. The note of this plant is green and peppery.


Madonna Lily
The proudest of our flowers, Madonna Lily blooms along a tall flower stalk. The beauty of its large, pure-white flowers is matched only by its scent. Every June sees a riot of blooms. The note of this flower has a sweet, sensual, white-flower character.


Iris Pallida
This flower’s odoriferous principles (irones) are concentrated in the rhizome, which is harvested between August and September after at least three years in the ground and just after a rainstorm, which loosens the earth around it. If the rhizome is cut and dried, it produces what is called “black iris.” If it is scraped to remove the outer skin before being dried, the result is “white iris.” 


Rose Géranium
The pelargonium family is quite large and rich with olfactory notes. The most widely used in modern perfumery is Perlargonium graveolens, with a lemony, peppery rose note.




Rediscover the soul of perfume plants and the authenticity of the floral crops grown on the extraordinary lands of the Pays de Grasse!

Watch the Fleurs d’Exception introductory vidéo (YouTube link)


The Fleurs d’Exception du Pays de Grasse (The Extraordinary Flowers of Grasse) is a non-profit association (French association law of 1901), composed mainly of perfume-plant producers, with the objective of:
- Promoting and developing the plant and floral crops of Grasse and the surrounding region.
- Protecting the specific, territorial identity of the Pays de Grasse crops and those of the surrounding region (brand, label, etc.). 
- Encouraging and facilitating establishment of new farmers of emblematic flower crops.
- Developing research programs on the species that form the biodiversity system of the Parc Naturel Régional des Pré-Alpes d’Azur in the Grasse backcountry.
- Helping preserve common heritage by sharing experience and best practices with producer communities and local communities around the world.
Fleurs d’Exception du Pays de Grasse
57 avenue Pierre Sémard
06130 Grasse

Phone: + 33 (0)4 92 42 34 08