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Erik Belenguer
Since 1998, I have been walking the trails and byways of the alpine foothills overlooking the Riviera, from the Verdon to the Esterel, from the verdant medium mountains down to the coast.
I act as a guide for “general discovery hikes” or themed hikes (geology, flora, fauna, arts and crafts, heritage, history, landscapes, etc.).
I give guests the chance to experience the true scent of adventure during treks through wild, unspoiled nature, on and off the trail, for one day or longer (multi-day outings, overnights in hiker lodges or inns).
The advantage to being with a professional is that you can travel safely in the medium mountains, hone your sense of curiosity, observe, learn to contemplate, and see things that you might not have ever seen otherwise!

From family walks (2 to 3 hours without minimal ascent/descent) to moderate hikes (4 to 5 hours with cumulative ascent/descent of 1000m) to physically challenging treks (5 to 6 hours for one or more days, with or without portage) - there is something for everyone and for most levels of physical capacity.
Outings are tailored to a group or person’s preferences and abilities!
From ages 7 to 77 and up!


Mountain Guide (Accompagnateur en Montagne)
Diplômé d’Etat
Phone: +33 (0)6 70 15 20 22