4 Traverse Dupont
06130 Grasse
Tel : +33(0)6 13 53 31 14
E-mail : claire@cinquiemesens.com
Site : http://www.cinquiemesens.com/

Since 1976, Cinquième Sens has been devoting its considerable savoir-faire to the creation of perfumes and offering training programs to acquire, perfect, and structure olfactory knowledge.
Cinquième Sens is a certified training center open to fragrance industry professionals and those who are simply passionate about perfume.

The workshops are held in the Espace Jacques Louis Lions, the former Roure factory, the renowned perfume composition company (across from the Roure parking garage).
Our work is based on a recognized, professional, and enjoyable training method.

A method that is :
-olfactory and visual, associating words, colors, and scents
-Practical : exercises and hands-on training
-Fun and interactive : personal use of the Olfactorium® and active trainee participation.

The Olfactorium©
It is a miniature version of a perfumer’s organ, making it possible to provide olfactory illustrations of raw materials and perfumes specific to each training session (24 or 48 vials).

The Perfumer’s Organ Workshop
An introductory session focused on raw materials to learn more about the perfumer’s trade


-Testing sense of smell
-Smell and emotion
-“Chinese portrait” of a smell
-Description of the Perfumer-Creator’s organ
-Introduction to natural and synthetic raw materials
-Explanation of the olfactory pyramid

The Fragrance Creation Workshop
A workshop that sweeps you into the enchanted world of perfumery.

-Explanation of a perfume’s composition, from raw materials to creation
-Discovery of the vocabulary : top, heart/middle, base notes
-Presentation of each olfactory facet of a perfume
-Formulating a perfume based on facets
-Actual perfume composition
-Evaluation of the final perfume