2 avenue Maximin Isnard
06130 Grasse
Tel : +33 (0)4 93 40 53 00
E-mail : billetterie@theatredegrasse.com
Site : http://www.theatredegrasse.com

In our harried, hurried daily lives, culture is a much-needed indulgence, and live performance is essential, a form of oxygen for the soul.
Life can be found, fiery and free, at the theater, at OUR theater. Emotion flows from the stage to the audience, from the audience to the stage, a virtuous circle as nourishing to the spectators as it is to the artists.
The artistic expression that takes place here, in its myriad forms, translates the human condition and the inescapable, ever-unfulfilled craving to admire, to denounce, to cry, and to laugh TOGETHER.

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