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2CV Rental & Rally


Travel the Riviera’s roads in a whole new way !


27 véhicules très identifiés, aux couleurs de bonbons acidulés, circulent sur les petites routes pittoresques de la Riviera.Imagine 27 very conspicuous vehicles in bright candy colors driving along the picturesque roads of the French Riviera.

Everyone recognizes the 2CV (Deux Chevaux), one of the quintessential symbols of France. And this car was the one chosen by Escapa’deuche to be used by visitors or locals to enjoy a most uncommon exploration of the Riviera landscape. From a “surprise” rally to a treasure hunt, the 2CV is raring to go, ready to be part of your incentive program for an experience that is sure to have everyone smiling. Companies can even choose the 2CV theme based on the goals they set (motivation, team-building, rewards program, etc.).
These multicolored cars are available for rental from the Escapa’deuche company. Give your customers or employees the joy of driving through the Côte d’Azur, elbow resting on the window frame, hair blowing in the breeze, savoring the freedom and pleasure of a “people’s convertible.”
An original idea that once again puts simple pleasures and friendly fun back into the concept of team spirit. In these days of cruise control and concerns about driver courtesy, the 2CV holds its own.


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